Visiting Grandpa (Short Story)

VISITING GRANDPA “Hurry up children we have to go, remember you are staying with Grandpa.” “Mom, can I take my cat?” “Yes Becca, you can take spot. He likes to play with Grandpa’s collie, Jake.” “Brad, shake a leg we have to leave now.” While driving to grandpa’s, dad remarks. “Look at that black cloud over in the west. It sure doesn’t look good.” “Yes, we may get drenched before we get back from town.” “Look Brad, Jake is out by the road waiting for us.” “Becca, you carry Spot, it has been a long time since Jake has seen him.” “I know, but Jake doesn’t forget.” “Bye Mom!” “Bye Dad!” “Goodbye children, we will see you at about six, don’t forget to tell Grandpa what time.” “Hi Jake, where is Grandpa,” as Brad reaches to scratch his ears. “Brad, there he is in the door of the barn.” “Becca, that sky is really getting black, let’s run.” “Hey Grandpa!” Brad yells, as they get closer. “Hi kids, you had better get the lead out, or you are going to get wet.” Then the loud thunder, one after the other rolled across the sky. Brad and Becca jumped into high…

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  Preacher Boy Book is now available, CLICK HERE for buying options. This is the story of a small family and their grandpa, through his work, held them together. He is the one who fixes all the problems, and he is listened to by all of his family. His idea for the first boy is to be a preacher. And in the time of his growing up, this grandpa adopts two other children, and that gets him married again. His daughter marries his grandson. Before he dies of old age, he is told about his grandchild, and his great-grandchild as the same person. Hope you enjoy.