About the Author

Born in January 1939 came into this world as a farm boy. Raised in southeast Kansas. He became a farm worker at the age of four. He supported himself from age sixteen on. He wanted to be a farmer, but God wanted him to be something else. He has done about every kind of work thinkable. At twenty-four he moved his family to Indiana for seven years. Michigan for twenty-five years. There he married his second wife. He became very sick and they moved to Arizona for ten years then moved back to Michigan, and Virginia for five years then back to Michigan. He has lots of short and long stories along with thirty books. Some day he will attempt to publish more of them. If they ever sell he wants the proceeds to go to help children through Missions in the U S A. He and his wife Carole the painter lives in Michigan. Grandkids are important to them. (WilliamlBradbury.com)