THIS BIBLE STUDY IS ABOUT: The writer’s thoughts of the beginning and the concept of what he believes of the ten commandants, and how he believes we should interpret them in our lives so that we can teach them to our children. So, they will understand that God is watching all our moves, and what we say even though we do not move our lips.









This is a story about one with drawn girl, and one who is very out spoken. They meet in school for the first time, and start up a new friendship. They become like sisters, and then they are separated by a kid napping. Even though separated they are still praying and thinking about each other. After a lot of years, they find each other again, and restart their friendship. Only through prayer does this happen. As they say it is a good thing in their lives. The thing that makes all of this happen is one girl’s family, and the adopted grandparents of both before the separation. They were held together by prayers and their love.







Preacher Boy

Preacher Boy Book, Christian Books by William L Bradbury

This small family, and their grandpa; through his work he held then together. He is the one who fixes all the problems, and he is listened too by all of his family. His idea for the first boy is to be a preacher. And in the time of hid growing up this grandpa adopts two other children, and that gets him married again. His daughter marries his grand son. Before h dies of old age he is told about his grand child, and his great grand child as the same person. Hope you enjoy.