Words of Wisdom

When you read listen with you heart.

1. Fall in love with what God created not what His creations create.Words of Wisdom by William L Bradbury Christian Author
2. Stupid is forever—no one is left out.
3. You cannot push a rope.
4. Trust the man who died for you.
5. If everyone else is doing it there must be something wrong.
6. Family is—F for Father, A is for and, M is for mother, I is for instructing, L is for loving,
Y is for young one. FAMILY ever one needs one.
7. If you bought something for a nickel, and you did not need it. You paid too much for it.
8. I will trust you until you break that trust.
9. The last word in Jesus is US.
10. The last word in lonesome is ME.
11. The LAW of the Bible is LOVE AND WAIT.
12. The I ME system will get you all alone. By yourself.