Reviews and Trailers

Book Title: Preacher Boy
Author: William L. Bradbury
Name of Project: Goodreads Review Service

Book Review 1
This is a one-of-a-kind book that has bountiful wisdom to start with. I had
grown to love this book the moment I read it until the last page. Bill is
someone who is close to my heart. I can see him as my own grandpa
reliving his life and passing on his faith and hope to his son and to his
grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well.

William Bradbury had really made this book as realistic as possible.  His
main objective is to inspire and share wisdom. And I can attest that he has
accomplished more than what he wants to achieve. It is simple, with spot-
on writing skills that have a lot of emotions attached. A commendable book
for everyone!

Book Review 2
As the author had put it, this is a book that is both fiction and also
nonfiction. This is a story written by the author based on his experiences
and emotions, but he had portrayed it as genuine and pure as possible.
The wisdom and the way he speaks about the word of God is with
conviction as if he had been doing it all his life.

Bill is such a sweet and wholesome person. He is a character that you
would really want to meet and talk with. The way he pours his unconditional
love to John and Lottie from the early part of the story is just wonderful.
And I was just praying he would really end up living his life with joy in his
Book Review 3
William Bradbury had given us a story to love and live for. I would be lying
to myself if I say I did not like this book because I loved it and loved every
inch of it. I would do everything just to see the world just like how Bill had
seen it, full of hope each day and full of love to do things passionately. And
I am so happy that he was blessed all throughout.

This was life itself, there are people who will leave you and people who will
come into your life. And these are all a part of His plan; for you to live for,
cherish, and enjoy every moment of it. This makes the book really beautiful
and sincere.

Book Review 4
While everyone is really focusing on the wisdom of Grandpa Bill, one thing
that I really look up to and love about him is that he sees things differently.
He has his wisdom based on his belief and faith, and we can really see him
putting that to act. His positivity, the way he cares about his family, and the
way he just copes with whatever life has to offer are something we should

Even though his life was not perfect, just like ours, I can say his life was
certainly well-lived and he had never failed to feel love and to give love to
everyone around him. One of the most sincere books that I have read, Bill
will always stay in my heart.

Book Review 5
If you want a light and calm read, this is definitely the book for you! William
Bradbury has given us a masterpiece that we will forever love. This is not
just about the story itself, it is also about the characters as we grow to love
them one by one. Bill had given us a huge amount of kindness and humility

and he was able to pass on those values to his beloved family —- from his
son to grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It was all about believing; to put your heart into your faith and inline your
actions to the things you believe in. It was a great experience reading this
book, I am very grateful to have come across a book like this!

Book Review 6
From the moment this book had started, this had really caught me off
guard. The author had stated that this was a story he had wanted to live but
never had the chance to, and I am grateful he had shared this for others to
be inspired by his wisdom through Grandpa Bill. I was really smiling while
reading each chapter, and I can't help but to connect with the characters
and feel their emotions. Overall, I really did enjoy the experience that
William Bradbury had brought for us. It was calm, it was peaceful, and it
was really inspiring that I got moved by the bountiful prayers and the word
of God. A great read, I will definitely recommend this book to others!

Book Review 7
As a person that values faith, this book has been a blessing for me. Being
able to meet characters like Bill, John and Lottie, and the rest of the
children was a really overwhelming and joyous experience. I really followed
their story without dull moments. I enjoyed every part and every detail of it
and every chapter was worth to be looked forward to. I really commend the
author for writing it with vivid details for it really adds mood and depth of
emotions throughout the journey. I am grateful I continued to open the
pages of this book and gave it a read for I never stopped once I started and
it led me to such a wonderful and one-of-a-kind journey.

Book Review 8

A really captivating masterpiece by William Bradbury that really takes us to
an inspirational and wonderful experience! This was really a patient book
that guides us towards faithfulness and humility. I love the way William
writes. It was spontaneous and full of emotions like he was retelling a story
that is close to his heart. There was no hint of fantasy, it was sincere and
inspiring. I have grown to love the overall mood of the book, with the
biblical scriptures and encounters that made it so special and unique. This
is a book that is best for teens, young adults, and even people of age that
want to have a peaceful conversation with a book. I highly recommend this

Book Review 9
One of the things that makes this book enthralling to read is that we get to
witness how Bill raised a wonderful son, John, and how they passed on
their values from one generation to another. This book can really attest to
how important influence is and how families play a great role in the
development and growth of children. This is the kind of book that should be
passed on to generations as well, to relive the wisdom. I cannot wait to
read this again and mark the lines that are close to my heart and the lines
that will guide me with my everyday decisions and experiences in life. I will
recommend this book to everyone, especially to those who are strong in
Christian faith.

Book Review 10
This book written by William Bradbury is a one-of-a-kind book that gives us
a twist of fiction and nonfiction at the same time. Fiction, because it is a
work of imagination but nonfiction in a way that it conveys genuine feelings
and faith that is truly inspirational. One of the best things that makes this
book special among others is that this is a reflection of the faith of the
author. This gives us a special connection to the story, relating to the
characters and spontaneously reading with the flow. If there is one thing
that I would add, I would express how I love the fact that the author had
made the book descriptive, making it easy to follow, understand, and really
comprehend the lessons of the story.

Book Review 11
This book is an inspiring book that really goes straight to your heart.
Regardless of your religious beliefs, if you really have an open heart and
mind, this is really for you. A well-written story, relevant, and really
enjoyable that sets the bar for fiction. This is really about belief in general,
about believing and putting your heart and mind to it. I was reading it with a
smile on my face, and it never disappointed me in keeping me in awe every
time. This really speaks a lot. And having to experience this book is a
pleasure for it is full of morals and values to be upheld. This book captures
the unpredictability of life as well as the miracles that make us believe

Book Review 12
A very thought-provoking book!

I love the plot, the storyline, and how it is presented by the author. I think
one of the things that makes this book unique and special is that the author
has built a special connection with the readers. The experience of this book
was like a subtle conversation; the man sharing his wisdom to his family,
sharing his experiences to inspire and to pass on the values to people.
That is how I really picture the book, and it is a wonderful and heartfelt
moment for me. I speak the prayers with conviction as if they were mine,
and I connect with all the characters. This masterpiece by William Bradbury
really deserves more recognition from more people!

Book Review 13
William Bradbury is a purely exceptional author. This book is a symbol of
his creativity and his greatness. This is a reflection from the lens of a
Christian, giving us wisdom and strengthening our faith. This book is not
about assessing our connection with Him, but strengthening it. The book is
really fulfilling and powerful. I commend the author for an impressive work

on the choice of words and the amount of creativity. It really sounds
realistic and vivid at the same time, making us relate to the characters
better and really understand the story. I personally love how the author
constructs the characters, they are all unique to one another and are all
incredible. This is such a wonderful masterpiece!

Book Review 14
For a person like me who lost both grandparents on both sides of the
family, this is an emotional book. The thought that they would not be able to
see what I have grown today, and see my family and my little ones is kinda
sad. And this thought just hits me now. I wish they would have been able to
pass on their values themselves because those really made me who I am
today. Nevertheless, I will never fail to let my children in the future know
where I came from. That is a history that is meant to be shared and
cherished forever. I look forward to reading more stories from the author,
William Bradbury, and seeing more books like this because this is definitely
my cup of tea.

Book Review 15
My grandpa also has bountiful wisdom. He talks about a lot of things, and
he also shares inspiring stories to strengthen our faith. I can see him a lot
like Bill, loving and very caring to his family and continuing to live his faith
despite the struggles and losses he experiences. This book had really
reminded me of him and I could not utter enough how much I miss him
while I was reading this masterpiece. However, I am always reminded that
he will always be by our side, guiding us always. And I should be grateful to
have met him and to have been touched by his words and stories. A
timeless and wonderful book, this will definitely be loved by other readers!

Book Review 16
“We grow old knowing that the best times are yet to come, and in our lives,
it is when we get grandkids to share our lives with.”

This is one of the things that I cherish in this book. I am not able to relate to
the exact feeling, but seeing my mother’s love for her grandkids gets me
giddy and excited for her to meet my mini-me’s as well in the future. A
grandparent’s love will always be pure and genuine, it is the best love that
we should hold in our hearts. People who were able to feel this might just
understand me. And I am so grateful to have a book that makes me
experience it again.

Book Review 17
“Grandkids are special because we have to wait so long for them to
arrive.” Grandparents’ love is never wrong, it gives us the sweetest love to
treasure. And we can't deny that they spoil us even more than our parents
do. In this book, Bill had really tried to express himself through words and
actions for John and the children, but we know how deep the love can go.
And because of that thought, I was really smiling reading this book. There
is so much passion and compassion, making it very special to read.  I am
still in awe after reading the book, and I love every inch of it. I thoroughly
enjoyed reading it. A book that is timeless and fresh, this will definitely be
loved by others easily.

Book Review 18
I am not the type of reader who is into books like these, honestly. When I
saw the cover, I knew it would be something different. I was hesitant to give
this book a go because I was afraid that it might not be for me. But good
thing I followed my heart to indulge myself in this book. It was peaceful, it
was full of hope and blessings, and I uttered each prayer full of love and
passion like I was in the scene and I was a character. I really enjoyed
reading it, it was so fulfilling. And it helped me open my eyes to a lot of
discoveries and realizations that I never bothered to open about. Highly

Book Review 19

Preacher Boy is a highly recommended book that gives us a glimpse of
faith through the lens of a Christian man. I love that the author had made
this as personal to him, for it really felt closer to us in understanding each of
the characters and the overall objective of the story. Truly inspirational, this
book really gave us something to think of for days, with a lot of reflection
and pondering. Even though this book focuses on giving us a sense of
fulfillment and belongingness in our faith, the author has managed