“Hurry up children we have to go, remember you are staying with Grandpa.” “Mom, can I take my cat?”
“Yes Becca, you can take spot. He likes to play with Grandpa’s collie, Jake.”

“Brad, shake a leg we have to leave now.”
While driving to grandpa’s, dad remarks. “Look at that black cloud over in the west. It sure doesn’t look good.”
“Yes, we may get drenched before we get back from town.”

“Look Brad, Jake is out by the road waiting for us.”

“Becca, you carry Spot, it has been a long time since Jake has seen him.” “I know, but Jake doesn’t forget.”
“Bye Mom!”

“Bye Dad!”
“Goodbye children, we will see you at about six, don’t forget to tell Grandpa what time.”
“Hi Jake, where is Grandpa,” as Brad reaches to scratch his ears.
“Brad, there he is in the door of the barn.”
“Becca, that sky is really getting black, let’s run.”
“Hey Grandpa!” Brad yells, as they get closer.
“Hi kids, you had better get the lead out, or you are going to get wet.”
Then the loud thunder, one after the other rolled across the sky. Brad and Becca jumped into high gear running as fast as they could, with Jake in the lead and Spot right behind him. As they ran the barn yard chickens scurried to get out of their way.

“Run faster Becca, it is coming I can feel it.”

Then the sky opened and the sheets of rain came down, as they rushed through the barn door. Now with everyone inside they would be dry. Both giving grandpa a big hug as he closed the large door.

“Come on kids, we need to get into the stone grain bin. It is really getting dark, and I think we are in for a good one.”

Outside as the lighting flashed and the thunder rumbled, and the wind picked up to howling. Grandpa, Becca, Brad, Jake, and Spot huddled close to each other in the stone grain bin in the center of the barn. Becca being the most scared was in Grandpa’s lap with his arms wrapped around her. Brad was glued to Grandpa’s side, Jake and Spot was lying in their laps.

“Grandpa, I am a little scared, are you?”

“Well Becca,” As he brushed the hair out of her eyes. “Not scared just a little concerned, I think there may be a tornado somewhere close by, and that could be bad for somebody, but maybe not us.”

“Grandpa why does it storm like this?”
As Grandpa pulled Brad a little closer. “I think God sends bad weather every occasionally, to remind

us, that the good times are not forever. Sometimes God needs to punish us just like Mom and Dad does when you do something wrong.”

As Brad moves away a little he asks.
“We didn’t do anything wrong, did we Grandpa?” “That is for God to decide, not us.”

“Grandpa how long have you lived on this farm?”
“Well Brad, your Grandma and I moved here when we got married.”

“Grandpa, why is your farm better looking then the one up the road?”

“Well let’s see kids, I believe it is like this. God gives us a body and if we do not take care of it, it will get sick. I have kept my body healthy and my farm in good repair. That is probably the difference.”

“Grandpa, when can we go outside? It is not as noisy now.” “Soon as the storm has passed, Becca.”
“Do you think there was a tornado, that came this way?” “No Brad, I do not think so.”

“Have you ever been in a tornado?”
“Yes, when Grandma and I were first married one came through and tore up our house and two sheds,

but we were not hurt.” “Why did you stay here?”

“I have lived in central Oklahoma all my life. You know, I was born just fifteen miles from here. That makes this my home and God has protected me all this time.”

“Will he protect us too?”
“Yes Becca, I believe he will, but we never know what his plans for our lives are. We just have to take

one day at a time.”
“Okay kids, the wind has subsided let’s go look, and see what happened.”
As Grandpa opened the big barn door, Brad and Becca stood behind him peeking to see, and at that precise moment to their surprise was the largest rainbow they had ever seen. In their excitement, they ran past Grandpa into the yard.

“Grandpa look at the pretty rainbow.”

“Yes kids, God always rewards us with something special after every storm, look there is some marble size hail also.”

After they had enjoyed the moment for a while, Grandpa says.

“Let’s go into the house, and see if we can find some hot chocolate and cookies, while we wait for Mom and Dad to come back.
Inside and with a mouth full of cookies Brad says.

“Grandpa, I sure do love you.”
“Me to Grandpa.” Becca replied.
“And I love you both. You are a very important part of my old age. I pray for you and your mom and

dad every day.”
“We pray for you to Grandpa.”
“We need to get through eating before mom and dad return to get you.”

“Yes grandpa.”

“Let us pray for the goodness of God to keep protecting us from now on. Dear God, be with all my children for the safety only you can provide for us. Let these two kids become a guiding light to help you with those who chose not to listen. Make it a lifelong job or them. Thank you, Jesus, for being our savior. A -men.

By William L. Bradbury

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