William L. Bradbury
Jeff is the best tree climber in the neighborhood. He spends all his free time up in some tree. Either at home, or someone else’s place. The bigger the tree the better he likes it.
Cody being the new kid to the neighborhood didn’t know anything about climbing trees. Where he lived Before, trees were not big enough to climb. Now Cody is about to find the in and outs of tree climbing.
“Hey there, you new around here. What I mean do you live around here.” Jeff’s way of saying hello. “Yes, I live right here in this house.” As Cody pointed towards his new home.
“My name is Jeff. What is your handle?”
“My name is Cody, and I don’t have a handle.”
“Do you like climbing trees?” Jeff asked.
“Don’t know, never climbed any before, why?”
“I am the best tree climber around here. I have climbed all of these trees hundreds of times. I mean clear
to the tops.” Jeff bragging just a little.
“It doesn’t look like much fun to me.”
“Come on Cody, lets go try that one. I will show you how, then you will see.”
“You go ahead, I will just watch.” Cody thinking to himself. There is no way that limb is ten feet off the ground, and he has no ladder. Jeff bounded over to the tree, and up he went just like a squirrel. Cody’s eyes opened wide in amazement as he trotted over to the tree.
Looking up at Jeff. “Hey that was neat, how did you do that?”
“Just put your hands around the back side of the trunk. Put your feet in front, and right arm, left foot, left arm, right foot, and look up.”
After three tries, and not working Cody spits out. “I don’t know how, so I can’t do this. I told you it wouldn’t be fun.”
Jeff crawled out on the lowest limb, and as it bent down hanging by his hands about three feet off the ground, he lets go.
“Come on, I guess we need to start on one of them easy trees over there. Anybody can reach the limbs.”
Jeff runs off mumbling to him self, as he approaches the trees he howlers back. “Come on slow poke.”
Cody not so sure of him self is coming at a fast walk. Jeff is already up in a tree climbing higher and higher. Looking down he shouts. “Come on Cody, this is great, come see how far you can see from up here. I can look over the roof of this house.”
“Okay, I am coming.” Next thing Cody knows he is up top with Jeff, looking around. “You are right this is great. Wow, look how far we can see. This is more fun then I thought it would be.”
“Now you have number one under your belt. Let’s go do that big one over in my yard.”
“Okay Jeff, you lead the way.”
Cody is not as sure footed as Jeff is; he has on regular shoes. Jeff has on his famous sneakers which has
more griping power on the limbs.
On the ground, Jeff grins. “Beat you to the top.”
Cody out runs Jeff to the tree, but Jeff could climb faster. Half way to the top they stopped to talk and
get some air.
“This old maple is the granddaddy of trees it is the largest one around. When we get to the top you can
look over the tops of all the other trees.
“Ok, I am ready to climb.” Cody said with a grin.
As they arrived at the top, Cody was amazed at the sight. As they hung on to the small limbs not much
bigger then their arms, and bending with the wind.
“You were right we can see most of the whole town from here.”
“Yep Cody, I think in two or three years this tree will be high enough we can step right on the moon, run
around and then come back.”
Cody is to busy hanging on and enjoying the sights; he doesn’t hear his mom calling. Jeff interrupts his
“Hey Cody, is that your mom calling you?”
Listening for a while. “Yes, I have to go now.”
Jeff starts down, and Cody howlers as he slips and falls past Jeff, and he gets caught in the crevice of
one of the limbs and the trunk. It was not an easy landing for Cody and he is in a lot of pain. His feet can not reach limbs below him, and his hands can not grasp limbs above him. Not only is he in a lot of pain, but in a big pickle, too.
“Hang on Cody, I will get some help. I can not lift you out.”
“Hurry this really hurts.”
Cody now by himself, watching Jeff going down for help. He has lots of time to think, like this is really
dumb following someone he just met, and what will mom and dad say. Probably be grounded for a hundred years for not asking. As Jeff hits the ground he yells back to Cody.
“I’m down, hang on I will be back with help.”
Jeff running around the corner trips over the water hose. Kerbang, lights out as Jeff hits the sidewalk. Codys, mom sees Jeff fall and runs to his side. Jeff is unconscious and bleeding. As she runs to the door, Jeff’s dad is arriving home from work. He picks up Jeff, and they are off to the emergency room.
Well so much for Cody, know body even knows where he is, except Cody. He is up a tree praying his heart out to Jesus to help him not to be in too much trouble and help will come soon.
Mean while Jeff is waking up trying to tell someone that Cody is up a big tree and needs help to get down, while the doctor is trying to sew up his head.
“Will you hold still young man. Nurse get his father in here so I can finish.”
Jeff being a little fussy is trying to tell his dad. “You have to go get Cody, he is stuck.”
“Who is Cody? Where is he stuck?”
“He is my new friend, and he is stuck up at the top of my granddaddy tree. He needs help.”
“Oh my, that tree is over one hundred feet tall. What were you doing up there? I must call 911 to get
help out there.”
At home Codys parents are looking everywhere for him asking all the neighbors. When flashing lights
and sirens stop out front. A policeman runs up the walk asking. “Do you know anything about a granddaddy tree?”
“No, why.”
“There is supposed to be a boy named Cody at the top of a granddaddy tree.”
“I have a boy named Cody, but I never heard of a granddaddy tree. We are new here, and our boy is missing now.”
“Spread out men.” Shouted the policeman. “Check every tree, specially that big one.”
“I see him.” One man shouted, and two men rushed up the tree. At the top they found Cody mumbling, over and over. “Jesus, please send my dad.”
“Hang on Cody, we are going to help you down.”
After getting him unstuck, and helping him down. At the bottom, Cody could only say. “Thank you Jesus, I am sorry dad, and where is my new friend Jeff.”

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